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We're not classy, we're irresistible. Much like our honest, tell-all packaging, our ingredients are all-natural and made in the US - No bull-chit. Your dog will think they're getting treats, but you know they're much better.  We're committed to bringing you the healthiest, finest quality treats for your best friend. From Lamb lung filletsBully Sticks or Jerky - we have the good chit your dog deserves.


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Free Range Livestock

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100% Natural

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Natural pet products

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What Our Happy Customers Are Saying

These lamb lungs are one of my two basset hounds favorite treats. The break easily and have no greasy coating as some of the other brands I have tried. Definitely a thumbs up!

JoAnn B.

Brought them as a gift to a friend who has 6 dogs. I brought my dog so the test population was 7 dogs. As soon as I ripped the bag open, all 7 dogs (including the blind one) came into the kitchen with noses in the air. Immediate hit.

Wolfie P.

My dog went crazy for these. The minute I picked up the box he followed me and wouldn't leave me alone. He absolutely LOVES them.

Luscia R.

The Safe Dog Treat Holder

Bully Stick Companion

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