Lamb is a great source of protein, boasting 7g per (cooked) ounce of meat, it’s rich in iron, a source of Omegas, which help keep your dog’s skin and coat healthy and shiny. But the great thing about lamb is that it goes beyond basic health benefits. It’s easy to digest and can actually soothe gastrointestinal distress.

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    Lamb Lung Fillet Treats for Dogs - 10 oz
    Lamb Ears for Dogs, Large - 25 Pack
    Lamb Ears for Dogs, JUMBO, 10 Pack
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    Lamb Pizzle, 8 oz. (Lamb Bully Sticks)
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    Lamb Ears for Dogs, Small - 35 Pack
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    Lamb Ears Chips, 1 Pound
    Lamb Trachea, 8 oz.
    Lamb and Flaxseed Premium Dog Treats - 4 oz
    Lamb Esophagus (Gullet), 6 Inch, 15 Pack
    Lamb Esophagus (Gullet), 12 Inch, 8 Pack
    Lamb Lung Fillets for Dogs - 6 oz.
    Lamb Lung Prime Cuts for Dogs - 5 oz. ***CLOSEOUT***