Lamb Treats for Dogs Provide Optimal Physical, Mental and Emotional Health

As humans, we understand that the food we eat is what provides our mind and body with the fuel it needs to function properly, all the while overlooking the food we feed our furry companions. No dog owner intentionally feeds their dog treats that are infused with unhealthy ingredients but it doesn’t take much to be tricked into that pretty bag of dog treats that has the famous canine character on the front. It happens and we have all been a culprit to it at least once. However, failing to look at the ingredients that make up the food and treats you feed your dog can be subjecting your pooch to serious health problems. So, we highly recommend taking a look the worst ingredients in dog foods and treats. Or you could skip that entirely and go right for the good stuff – lamb dog treats.

Lamb Is Every Dog’s Super Ingredient

Lamb is hailed as one of the best meats for dogs and for many reasons. However, before you go picking up the next bag of  lamb dog treats, it’s important to first understand the difference between lamb meal and lamb. Both options are sourced from the animal, but they are processed differently.

Lamb vs. Lamb Meal

When you read “lamb” on the label of dog treats or on a bag of food, this means that it comes from the muscular tissue of a young sheep. Lamb meal, on the other hand, comes from lamb but it undergoes processing, which removes most of the water from the product. This allows for a higher concentrated source of protein and nutrients per bite. 

Benefits of Lamb Dog Treats

Feeding your dog food and treats that are made with high-quality ingredients is the secret to ensuring delicious and healthy meals that promote optimal health. Whether you choose lamb or lamb meal, both options are incredibly beneficial for your pooch as they’re packed with healthy ingredients, vitamins and minerals that are vital for your dog’s health.

High Protein For Building Healthy Body Tissue

Lamb dog treats are packed full of high-quality protein that is crucial for building, healing and maintaining healthy body tissue. The protein is also great for keeping their muscles strong, so they can live a healthy, strong life.

Protects and Regulates Body and Brain Functions

The high content of protein in lamb dog treats helps regulate your dog’s body processes while also protecting them moving forward. Lamb also contains anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids which promotes cognitive function, joint function and heart health.

Additionally, lamb dog treats are full of zinc which supports the immune system function, and they are also a great source of B vitamins - an essential for proper nervous functioning. The protein also encourages the body to produce antibodies for a strong immune system and hormonal balance. 

Keep Your Dog’s Skin and Coat Healthy

The health of your dog’s skin and coat goes beyond physical appearance. The high protein in combination with the omega-3 fatty acids in lamb dog treats helps keep the skin and coat clean and healthy, so your dog can look as great as they feel. 

Good For Their Tummies

Lamb treats for dogs are great for digestion as they're highly digestible. Even dogs with sensitive stomachs can enjoy these treats without risking an upset belly or diarrhea, making them a favourite for both dogs and dog owners. 

Lamb dog treats provides your dog with everything they need to look, feel, live and eat well.  At Dog Chits, all of our dog treats are human grade, human good and dog approved. They are 100% all natural dog treats, and with our lamb lung fillets for dogs.

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