5 Must Have, Healthy and Delicious Treats for Your Dog

Bully Sticks, Venison & Beef Sticks, and Lamb Treats

Admit it, you love tossing a fresh bully stick or a lamb treat to your dogs, just as much as they love receiving one. Every dog owner does. In fact, we do it so often that dogs now know the sound differences between a regular bag and the bag. However, it is important to make sure that every time you reward your dog with a treat and a pat on the head, you’re also providing them with something healthy. You wouldn’t want to give your dog a treat that shortens their life or doesn't make them feel good. But that is what a lot of the hidden ingredients in some major brands will do if you aren’t careful. So we’ve taken out all of the chit and created the best 100% natural dog treats that will make your pooch feel, look, and live as well as the dog treat tastes. 

Healthy Bully Sticks for Dogs

What dogs don’t love a good bully stick? Made from the pizzle of a bull (hence the name), bully sticks are scrumptious dog treats that are safe, healthy, and delicious for your dog. They’re incredibly durable and can last for days upon days, all the while scraping plaque and buildup off of your dog’s teeth leaving them with optimal teeth and gum health. Not only that but unlike many other stick-like dog treats, bully sticks do not break, so you don’t have to worry about internal injuries or your pooch choking on a sharp piece.

Bully stick for dogs from Dog Chits

Combine our 100% natural bully sticks with our Bully Stick Companion, and you don’t even have to worry about your dogs running off with a treat and gnawing it down until it’s tiny and easy to choke on.

Natural Lamb Treats

If there’s one type of snack that makes dogs feel as great as the treat tastes, it’s a lamb treat. Often recognized as being one of the best meat sources for canines, lamb dog treats provide your furry companion with the essential nutrients and vitamins they need to look and feel great.

Lamb is high in proteins, amino acids, B-vitamins, and iron, all of which provide incredible benefits for your dog’s physical, mental and, yes – even their emotional health.

But not all lamb treats for dogs are created equally. There are many lamb dog treats on the market that are infused with chemicals, preservatives, and toxins that negate the health benefits of the treat. Or, you can get high-quality, 100% natural lamb dog treats that will give your furry family member all the delicious flavor and healthy nutrients they need.

Our Dog Chits lamb lung fillet treats and lamb ears contain zero grains, preservatives, chemicals, or junk. They’re 100% natural, human grade, and most importantly they’re every dog’s favorite.

Venison and Beef Sticks for Dogs

Your dog doesn’t want “treats” infused with fake ingredients or - cringe - veggies! Okay, veggies are healthy; but if you were to ask your dog if they wanted a juicy steak or a carrot, you know they’d pick the steak! They are carnivores after all, and they want juicy meat to gnaw on – and that’s exactly what they deserve. This is why venison and beef sticks for dogs are must-have treats to keep hidden in your pantry. These dog meat treats are high in protein and full of vitamins and minerals that are crucial for your dog’s overall health. We’ve even added some sweet potatoes into the mix for additional dietary fiber, which is key for optimal digestive health. 

Rule of Thumb for Buying Treats for your Dog

When it comes to buying dog treats, it can be difficult to narrow down the ones that are safe, healthy, and tasty for your dog. As a rule of thumb, stick with natural dog treats made with real, high-quality ingredients. At Dog Chits, all of our dog treats are 100% natural and contain no chemicals, no grains, no fillers, and no chit! 

Give your dog a treat that you can feel good about. Our Dog Chits natural dog treats are human grade, human good, and most importantly, dog approved.


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