The Health Benefits & Risks of Bully Sticks for Dogs

If there’s one dog treat every pooch loves, it’s the pizzle of a bull, better known as bully sticks. These nutritious dog treats are a healthier alternative to raw hide bones. They eliminate the common risks associated with raw hide treats, such as choking and causing internal injuries as a result of sharp shards breaking off. But the good news doesn’t end there. Bully sticks have many health benefits that take the “bad” out of word dog "treat" and many concerns can easily be addressed with a Bully Stick Companion.


Benefit: Cleans Teeth and Promotes Healthy Gums

There are few things as difficult as trying to brush a dog’s teeth. As soon as they see that little doggy toothbrush come out, they take off. Even if you can grab your dog before they hide, getting them to open their mouth so you can clean their teeth is no easy feat.

Bully sticks do the brushing for you. Since they’re incredibly durable, they require a lot of gnawing, which scrapes the plaque and buildup off of your dog’s teeth.


Benefit: They’re Nutritious

One of the biggest misconceptions is that all dog treats are like desserts and this isn’t the case. Bully sticks are highly nutritious dog treats that provide your dog with an abundance of nutrients, vitamins and minerals that keep them healthy and living their best life. They have omega 3 fatty acids for healthy skin and coat, protein for strong muscles and proper body functions; amino acids for a healthy heart and eyesight – and that’s only to name a few. Bully sticks are an all-in-one deal when it comes to healthy ingredients and benefits.


Benefit: They’re Low Fat

Now that you know that not all dog treats are bad or unhealthy, this benefit should come to you as no surprise. Bully sticks are low fat, making them an excellent treat for overweight dogs or for keeping your dog a healthy weight.


Benefit: They’re Great For Sensitive Stomachs

A dog with a sensitive stomach is a messy and oftentimes, smelly situation. It can be difficult to treat your dog to goodies when they have to follow a strict diet or when they react to things they aren’t used to having. Bully sticks are an excellent option for these types of dogs as they are highly digestible. So, even the most sensitive tummies can enjoy a treat once in a while. 


Risk: Choking When Bully Sticks Get Small

Giving your dog natural bully sticks is safe. They’re healthy, human grade, human good and dog approved. However, when your dog gnaws them down they will eventually get smaller and smaller. This can become a choking hazard, especially because bully sticks are so yummy; it can be hard to get the remaining stub away from them.

But there is a solution – use a Bully Stick Companion. Our Bully Stick Companions  hold the bully stick in place so you don’t have to worry about your dog breaking off a tiny piece and choking. Not only that but it comes on a rope so you can prevent your dog from running away to hide it and you can easily take the bully stick away as needed.


Risk: Bacteria Growth

There have been some studies that have raised the concern of bacteria on the bully sticks, but this isn’t really a bully stick issue. If you give your dog any food and allow him or her to run through the house with it, drag it under the carpet, into the bathroom, outdoors and who knows where else, that treat is bound to have some bacteria on it. So, to eliminate the risk of bacteria growth on a bully stick, we recommend using a Bully Stick Companion. This unique tool holds the bully stick and you can tie it in place, so your dog can’t bring the treat to who-knows-where and through who-knows-what. The Bully Stick Companion also makes it easy to take the bully stick away as needed, so you can store it properly.  


Bully sticks are a 100% safe and natural dog treat that provide an abundance of benefits. They’re fun for your dog to enjoy; healthy and packed full with nutrition; safe and easy to digest and that’s only to name a few of the benefits. As for the risks, they can be eliminated with a Bully Stick Companion.

Head on over to Dog Chits for your natural bully sticks and Bully Stick Companion. Our dog treats have no chemicals, no grains, no fillers and no chits.

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