Facts About Why Your Dog Needs More Protein


  • Your dog needs 70% protein in its daily diet
  • Kibble provides, on average, 28% (range of 21-38%)
  • Ever think about what ingredients make up the remaining calories…the 72% of the bag that’s not protein?
  • In this week’s “Kibble Hall of Shame” is a popular brand’s “limited ingredient” recipe kibble; we can’t tell you the name  but it may not be as “balanced” as they say. )

SOLUTION: Supplement your pup’s kibble with Dog Chits Beef Lung, with 78% protein and only 9% fat! You can feed Beef Lung as is, or they can be easily broken for training. Trust us, dogs love the flavor and crispiness and will come back for more. On sale this week, our Beef Lung 10 oz. is regularly $28.95, on sale for $22.00!



Every treat on our site has been hand selected for its protein content, usually 70% or more. For comparison, note the protein percentage on the back the popular bag of Chicken & Rice Formula (unfortunately we can’t tell you the brand name, but it rhymes with “Hyena” 😊)

SOLUTION: Supplement your pup’s kibble with Dog Chits Bully Sticks, each bully has 84.4% protein, only 4.1% fat and is approx. 95 calories each. Dogs go bonkers for them and it will keep you dog chewing for quite a while: 20 Bully Sticks, on Sale for $34.99, that only $1.75 per bully ($4.00 each in pet stores)!!!

Protein has several roles in the body, such as building and repairing muscles and other body tissues. Kibble, no matter what brand, leaves our dog short of the protein they need.

SOLUTION: Dog Chits Chicken Breast Crunchies is pure, white, chicken breast with 76.5% protein and only 8.5% fat and dogs love, love, love the taste and crunchiness.

Collagen makes up 70% of the protein in your dog’s body, supplementing with collagen and protein improves your pup’s muscle mass, skin, fur, nails, hair, ligaments, joints and nails.

SOLUTION: We have both in one treat, Dog Chits Beef Collagen Sticks, 76% Protein, 97 kcal per 6” stick, loaded with collagen.

The average kibble has 21% to 38% protein, however, your dog’s daily diet should include 70% protein.

SOLUTION: Dog Chits Beef Lung is 78% protein and only 122 Kcal per 5x5 inch square, on sale for $20 (reg $24.95), for a 10 oz. bag.

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