Lamb Lung Fillets for Dogs - 6 oz.
Lamb Lung Fillets for Dogs - 6 oz.
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Lamb Lung Fillets for Dogs - 6 oz.

Our Lamb Lung Treats for Dogs are the perfect snack for your furry friend! Packed with high-quality lean protein sources, our Lamb Lung Treats are baked to create a light and crispy texture that's easy to chew and digest, making them great for training or rewarding your dog.

Made with pure lamb lung and other organ meats, our treats provide essential vitamins and minerals for your dog's health. They're low-allergy, and free from artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives, so that your dog gets the best possible nutrition. Treat your dog today and watch them come back for more and more Lamb Lung Dog Treats!

What are the benefits for my doggy?

Prevents Boredom

Bully Sticks Are A Substantial Chew And Will Keep Pup Busy For Hours

High In Protein

84.4%, Compare That To Your Kibble

Low In Fat

Only 4.1% Fat, (Anything Less Than 18% Is Considered Low Fat For Dogs)

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